Friday, December 16, 2011

San Diego

New friends are silver...
Old ones are gold.

As soon as we arrived in sunny San Diego we had a new friend in Brutzie. As fun as she was I was way more excited to see my brother from another mother, big Don. We ended up taking a little trip down to my old stomping grounds in Imperial Beach and managed to keep it down to a three hour tour. Quite a feat with all the trouble there is to cause down that way.

The sun and surf of So Cal were definitely a welcome change from the frigid high plateau of So Utah. We hung on the beach and played in the sand for a bit warming our bones while we cooled our stomachs.

We headed down towards Seaport Village to watch a Christmas boat parade. It was on the Coronado Bay with all manner of sea-faring vessels decked out with lights, stereos; and Christmas cheer. Some may not have made as much holiday sense as others as you'll see below. Maybe it is an inside joke, rich people rarely seem to make sense anyway.

The yard long margaritas were only 1 1/2 ft!!

Jethro and Billy-Bob

One of the nights we decided to have dinner at a New Zealand style grill. Lamb burgers topped with blue cheese and pickled beets! We watched the Giants beat the Cowboys in a last minute nail bitter. If only they could both lose (we're eagles fans). Football, food, beer and... Jenga!! Are you friggin kiddin me, this place rules! 

The three cutest girls in the state; Ivy, Heather and Sarah! Heather is Don's girlfriend and Sara is Ivy's cousin. Sara and Eric recently moved down that way and we managed to meet at the pub he works at and after a few drinks decided it was time to show off our moves. 

One last moment of clarity

The Robot?

Backin that thang up?

It was raining the first couple hours hours at the zoo so the female Koalas were huddled up for warmth. Wasn't there a song about how it never rains in Southern California? We stayed dry by taking the bus tour right off the bat. Yeah, you heard right, a bus inside the zoo. There is actually a whole bunch of them, this place is monstrous.

The big one is 17 ft tall!

Definitely my favorite animal. Rhinoceros look like a concept character from a sci-fi movie or a dinosaur. With the horn and all the armor-like skin flaps it's natures tank.
Who doesn't like Pandas?

Or Ivy!?!

Gettin back to my roots.

Then we went and saw the real deal, gorillas. There was six of them mostly just hangin out by the glass. One was only three years old and it seemed he spends most of his time picking fights with the full grown ones. They would try to ignore him then slap him around for a minute. The pup would run away to play with another that would try to ignore him and so on. It was odd when one would come up to the glass and look at us. Like looking into a strange fun house mirror.

Here's lookin' at you.

Flamingos! Ivy's moms favorite animal.

View from the "Sky fari"

An 8 lb 10 oz bouncing bear cub boy

Ivy loves zoo's. So we spent the whole day walking down every trail and past every animal. We went up escalators and down hills. We even took the Skyfari, an air tram that took us up in the air and across the whole zoo. We walked past more animals than I've ever seen. It was a blast! It's hard to believe this place is right in the middle of San Diego.
San Diego was beautiful, a little cloudy and it rained, but it is December after all. We had a great time with Big Don and Heather. Thanks guys for putting up with us and showing us the sites. There's always room for you in Portland at our place.

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