Thursday, December 8, 2011

Grand Canyon!

My first view of the Grand Canyon!!!!!

 The Grand Canyon was the one place that I was really excited to see. I have had a great time at all the places we have been but I couldn't wait to see the Grand Canyon. We drove from Zion to the Grand Canyon thinking that it would be easy to find a hotel when we got close... no not so much. We got to the canyon around 8:00pm to the east side of the south rim. We ended up driving the entire south rim drive in the dark until we reached the Grand Canyon Village.

Logan followed us again. He really enjoyed the Grand Canyon.

 There was so much snow on the road that it took us an hour and a half to drive the 25 miles to the village. We found a place to sleep, got a bite to eat, and took one look at the canyon in the dark.
Josh's cougar crossing the street. I'm only 6 months older...

 We got up early and walked through the village. The snow made everything look so much more grand! It was fantastic and huge!

 We took the scenic south rim drive again, but this time in the daylight. It was so much fun! We stopped at every view point and walked the trail.

 It was awe inspiring every time I looked at it! There was a lot of ice on the ground so we slide most of the way on the trails.

 I wanted to take the mule down into the canyon but you have to reserve it a few months in advance. We will be back and I will take a mule through the canyon...

 We also stopped at the Desert view point which has the old watch tower. We walked up into the tower and the view was spectacular. It was pretty much empty so we ran up and down the spiral staircase.
 Josh was shocked and amazed at the grandness of the Grand Canyon and about the $6.00 he had to pay to buy me a key chain I really wanted at the gift shop.

We had so much fun! Ahhhh!! We made it to the Grand Canyon!! It was everything I thought it would be. Cant wait to come back and go into the canyon. We spent the afternoon driving down to San Diego, I'm excited for a little bit of sun. Yay!

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  1. I'm so glad you guys are having so much fun on your adventure!