Friday, November 25, 2011

Memphis and Graceland!

Memphis Tennessee!! Home of good BBQ, great music, and Graceland.
The first night we got in we went out to eat at a great BBQ place. They had pink limousines that would pick you up from your hotel and bring you to the restaurant. It was packed in this place. They had a guy singing Elvis songs and Elvis impersonators eating dinner there. It was great and so was the food.
Our hotel was right next to Graceland and was all decked out with Elvis everywhere. The pool was even shaped like a guitar.
We woke up the next morning to find all the streets shut down for a Christmas parade (I know before Thanksgiving.)
It was such a great parade. It was all the local schools and community organizations. This picture was the Sassy Senior Ladies. They were hilarious! All the groups danced down the street and the school bands played. It was great!

We spent a good good chunk of the morning watching all the people dance down the street and sing and throw candy. After a few hours we decided to go to Graceland while the parade was still going to it wouldn't be so busy.
Graceland is a lot smaller than I imagined it would be. We went to Elvis's house first. A shuttle takes you across the street and you have a audio set that you can listen to as you walk threw the house. It tells you all the fun facts about Elvis. Like that he never wore underwear.
Here is Josh playing a guitar. Other tourists were asking if they would take his picture with the guitar too. He loved it!
This is the front room of the house, decorated for Christmas. They have kept everything just as it was when Elvis passed away. The same TV's and sheets on the bed. The couch along the right side of this picture (you cant see it) was 15 feet long!
You weren't allowed to go upstairs. Elvis always kept the upstairs private, even from guests visiting him when he was alive.
Here is the Jungle Room! The stairs going from the basement to this room are covered in green shag carpet from floor to ceiling. This was one of the rooms that Elvis designed himself.
This is one of his awards rooms. He had several.
Josh thought he looked as good as Elvis in this painting. I think Elvis looks better, but that's jut my opinion.
They had everything from Elvis, his clothes, shoes, cars, guitars. His whole life is on display.
Here is his grave. His dad had his bones moved to be on Graceland property. There were people lined up crying in front of the grave. I thought I was an Elvis fan until I went to Graceland. It's like a secret society.

The car museum was full of all his cars, even the ones from his movies. Here is the pink Cadillac. Some of the cars were amazing! So pretty.

Elvis apparently really liked toys that he could drive. He had snowmobiles fixed to drive on grass and golf carts galore.
Here is me inside one of his airplanes. He actually wasn't a big drinker. He liked lemon-lime Gatorade the best.

Little Elvis fact, he was a commissioned narcotics office. Also, before he got too famous he actually asked out my Aunt Lynn, she said no because she thought he had the greasiest hair. hahaha!
Here is another plane. Elvis also was big on donating. He loved to help people. He would pay bills and buy cars for people.

He also hardly ever wrote his own songs.
After Graceland we headed down to Beale Street. It's like a smaller version of Bourbon Street in New Orleans. There were guys doing flips in the street and huge beers! There were live bands on every corner. It was fun.
Memphis was a blast! The music was great and Graceland was informative and fun! I still cant believe he never wore underwear.

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