Saturday, December 31, 2011

Joshua Tree

 After San Diego we had two more stops planned then back to Klamath Falls to see Ivy's parents. First stop, Joshua Tree National Park.

The trees looked more like cactus to be honest. They say these desolate expanses dotted with rock piles are a thriving ecosystem. I guess you have to know what your looking for as well as searching to find it. Anyway, these odd trees sure were neat to look at!
The expanses of Joshua trees stretched on for miles. They kind of reminded me of Saguaros the way some just are a tall trunk, like the one in the center of this picture, and and others may have a dozen or more off-shoots. Also how the branches come out and try to curve straight up toward the sun. I know all plants somewhat do that but it seems much more pronounced in these two in particular.

These pictures are in chronological order in case anyone was curious. It is somewhat peculiar how driving in mountainous terrain sometimes you can watch the sun set two or three times. A simple pleasure multiplied.

This was the campsite we chose for this night. It cooled down rapidly once the sun went down. When we woke up there was a sheet of ice over our tent inside and out and on our sleeping bag! I thought it was dawn and got out of the tent and to my suprise the moon was just about at its zenith. I suppose the combination of light sand, a layer of frost and a full moon can really light up the night!

A particularly neat grouping of trees

These last two picture exemplify what this park is all about (plus they're decent photography ;-). The whimsical trees set against a background of looming granite rock mounds all encapsulated within the ranging low mountains.

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